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  • Weed Websites Fight for Survival – Someone Smart is About to Make a Billion Dollars Online

    The rubber is meeting the road in online cannabis media, or as we said earlier in the week, we as a group are having our “Come to Jesus Moment”.  Why should anyone care outside of a few website owners?  This is the biggest shift in online cannabis traffic ever and the winners will be sitting on early Amazon type riches and potential if they buy up the right assets and created email and sales funnels.

  • Vote Pro Cannabis - Where Every Presidential Candidate Stands on Marijuana Legalization

    With the 2020 presidential race in full swing and the primaries quickly approaching, the US is less than a year away from electing a new president (or having to undergo a second Trump term). Although the legalization of cannabis has seen huge strides in the last few years, many of those laws are contingent on who the next President will be. With that in mind, here’s our rundown on where the 2020 Presidential candidates stand on cannabis.

  • Should Beginners Only Grow Auto-Flowering Cannabis Strains?

    Take note that despite its numerous advantages, some growers are of the opinion that the auto-flowering cannabis strain produces inferior flowers and that its yield usually is not able to meet up with their expectations. This is evident in the size of the plants which are mostly small and compact as some growers prefer to go along with strains that have bigger flowers and yields.

  • Just a Spoon Full of Cannabis Sugar - How to Make Marijuana Sugar

    Cannabis-infused sugar in any form is nothing new when it comes to cannabis-infused edibles. Just as marijuana-infused butter or oil, cannabis-infused sugar is a welcome tool in the kitchen. The infused sugar is nothing more than crystal liked sugar infused with cannabis.

  • Show Me the Money: Americans are Ready to Invest in Cannabis, Reveals Survey

    The survey polled 800 investors on their attitudes regarding cannabis, and they were also asked if they think cannabis stocks are good investments. They found that 1 in 10 Americans had already invested in cannabis stocks, though 51% said that they didn’t have plans of doing so. Two-third of the participants polled believed that cannabis should already be made legal federally, but 70% of those polled, aged 18-34 support its legalization. Meanwhile, those 65 and up were against its legalization.

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