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  • Boxing Legend Mike Tyson Opened a 40-Acre Cannabis Ranch After California Legalized Weed
    Boxing legend, 51, has bought site in California City, a town with a population of just 15,000 people southwest of Death Valley. MIKE TYSON broke into the marijuana trade by opening his own cannabis ranch in California. The former heavyweight champion purchased 40 acres of land in California City, a town with a population of just 15,000 people southwest of Death Valley. And Iron Mike plans to take advantage of the state's legalisation of recreational…
  • The 10 Largest Canadian Marijuana Stocks
    With Canadian pot sales expected to hit $5 billion annually by 2024, it pays to know the biggest names in the industry. Though a lot of marijuana history has been made in recent years, most of it can be attributed to Canada, which became the first industrialized country in the modern era to green-light adult-use cannabis sales in October 2018. Despite the launch of recreational pot sales not going as planned -- marijuana sales totaled…
  • Cannabis Stigma is Unfair When ‘Wine O’Clock’ is Widely Celebrated by Moms
    It’s time for us to get off our high horses about parents who like to unwind with a little cannabis. It’s been more than a year since recreational cannabis use became legal in Canada, yet parents who like to smoke a little marijuana to unwind after a long day of wiping boogers and taming tantrums say others look down on them for doing so. That’s unfair given that so many of us engage in a…
  • Cannabis Price Gap Increases, as Illegal Cannabis Prices Fall: Statcan
    The gap between what Canadians pay for legal and illicit cannabis is widening -- a sign experts say points to the need for the marijuana industry to make prices a priority this year. Statistics Canada said Thursday that the average price of legal cannabis increased to $10.30 per gram in the period between October and December 2019 from $9.69 per gram the year before. The change came as the average price of illegal cannabis fell…
  • Alberta Cannabis Producer Lays Off 10% of Workforce; Expert Blames Poor-Quality Products
    Alberta-based cannabis producer Sundial confirmed Tuesday that it has laid off “less than 10 per cent” of its workforce. In a statement to Global News, it said: “In the spirit of continuous optimization for efficiency and effectiveness, Sundial has made some organizational changes… It’s important we remain agile in responding to the realities of the evolving cannabis market.” Sundial did not confirm how many people 10 per cent equated to. - Read the entire article…

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