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  • Your Hemp Webinar Questions Answered (Part 1)
    Last month, Nathalie Bougenies and I put on a webinar on the US Department of Agriculture’s (“USDA”) new interim hemp rules. We got some great questions from our viewers but were unable to answer all of them in real-time. In this two-part series, Nathalie and I will respond to a number of those questions. This...
  • Federal Agencies Provide New Guidance for Hemp Banking
    The tides have been rapidly changing for hemp companies to gain access to banking, which has not traditionally been available to hemp companies due to the fact that hemp was (sort of) federally illegal until about a year ago. As we previously explained: Commercial marijuana activity remains a federal crime,  and the Bank Secrecy Act...
  • Hemp and CBD: Submit Your Comments on USDA Interim Hemp Rules By December 30
    The hemp industry is up in arms over the USDA’s interim rules establishing a domestic hemp program.  As of this writing you can find some 900 comments published on The din of complaints about the deleterious effect of several rules caused Senator Chuck Shumer to send a letter on December 3 to U.S. Agriculture...
  • How to Export Medical Cannabis Internationally
    Over the past few years, our international trade team has advised a rapidly expanding suite of clients on import/export issues related to cannabis. We regularly advise clients on manufacturing overseas, hemp import/export issues, and customs. Currently we are also working on heady questions surrounding international treaties and cannabis. One thing no one has hired us for yet,...
  • The BCC’s Fight to Allow Home Delivery Throughout California
        It’s no secret that California’s cannabis operators are currently in a regulatory and business environment where red tape, the illegal market, and significant taxes make life hard. At the same time, the state is trying to protect, promote, and grow the industry in a variety of ways, one of which is fighting off...

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